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Technische Information

Technische Informationen
IAT-MAGLEV - eine neue Epoche der Magnetschwebebahn

The better way    THE FUTURE OF PROGRESS    IAT "Double Transrapidsystem"
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Success with foresight, we are looking for a Präsident - CEO - Head of Communication       Worldwide            

  Sir or Madam,

Welcome to IAT-Maglev
the new doubledecker maglev-system. A new  generation of traffic technology, that´s what future technology looks like.

Under the wings of your and our organization, we are looking for a President  - Vice President  - CEO/Manager

You might be interested, and the courage to free professional basis in our team as CEO - President - Vice - Marketing Manager acting "Head of Communication" to success fee for or against participation shares?

If you do not fulfill this offer for reasons of any kind, you would like us to propose an alternative appropriate specialist in your personal and professional environment.

You have visions, contacts already in the world, we are also looking for partners and/or shareholders for a revolutionary new traffic system in the near future.

Innovative Access Team have further developed Germany‘s Transrapid system.
Undoubtedly, maglev trains have the potential to solve future transportation problems.

Maglev means clean technology at affordable prices, quick transportation solutions and a prestigious undertaking.
The new IAT-maglev saves space, time and energy due to its construction and innovative energy supply system powerd by solar energy.
Maglev is a profund innovation for the transportation of the future and has long been established. We took the idea further in order to make everything more efficient and effective, whilst trying to minimise costs.

In many countries there is through our technology, the possibility that the road in the future faces a similar collapse as in developed countries to make time. Take advantage of it.

Advantages of the Double Maglev System:


50% lower land costs than in the present Transrapid, in particular increase in urban areas, the  cost-effectiveness.
50% improvement in the effectiveness and utilization of this system also needs-based products, integrated in time to process, relieving the operating costs of maglev.
600,000-m2 solar panels to 200 km route are integrated above the line and contribute to its own power supply in case
Reliable products with high throughput efficiency also means lower costs while also providing a much lower CO2 emissions.
A new generation of traffic with high throughput efficiency also means lower costs while also providing a significant lower CO2 emissions for a cleaner environment. Great economic useability through reducing amounts of investment.

A particularly profitable investment could play a realignment of the conventional system to a Development of  gerams "Innovative Access Team" (IAT) prove.

IAT‘s double decker maglev is a prestige object!


Greetings Dieter Schramek

Hier finden Sie weitere technische Detail-Informationen zur IAT-Magnetschwebebahn:
 Einen Auszug der technischen Informationen finden Sie hier (PDF)
 1997 Dieter Schramek Gründer IAT ACCESS TEAM  und  Erfinder
2000 Fassung der Gesellschaft Doppelstöckiges Magnetschnellbahnsystem
Patenterteilung 2004/2007 für DEUTSCHLAND, USA, KANADA
Patenterweiterung Neuauflage weltweit in Vorbereitung
Patentinhaber / Ansprechpartner

Vertriebskoordinator + Marketing:
Dieter Schramek  (V.i.S.d.MDStV)
IAT Innovatives Access Team NRW

E-Mail/Kontakt : über Walter J. Neumann


Vertrieb International/Kapitalsteuerung:
Head of Capital Management
Walter J. Neumann
Social Scientist, National Economist and Project Developer
President of The United Nations Millennium Project, Germany
Tel.    + 49 2865 9098887
Handy + 49 175 33 57421
Skype ID:coralneumann11