Zukunft durch Fortschritt ... Seien Sie dabei!


 Welcome to IAT-Maglev,

  the new doubledecker maglev-system

  Innovative Access Team have further developed Germany‘s Transrapid system.

  Undoubtedly, maglev trains have the potential to solve future transportation problems.

  Maglev means clean technology at affordable prices, quick transportation solutions and a prestigious undertaking.

  The new IAT-maglev saves space, time and energy due to its construction and innovative energy supply system powerd by solar energy.

  Here, you can learn about IAT‘s new vision of a maglev that has significant advantages over its predecessor.

  Issues, such as advanced safety, minimisation of noise pollution, the parallel transport of people and goods, lowest usage of
  energy possible add to a high economically efficiency.

  Costs shall be kept at the lowest level possible.

  Here on our site, you can learn everything about our vision of environmentally friendly transport.

   New development of the Transrapid-System

  Maglev is a profund innovation for the transportation of the future and has long been established.

  We took the idea further in order to make everything more efficient and effective, whilst trying to minimise costs.

  In addition to the standards of the existing maglev-system, IAT has developed a range of new ideas:

  Minimisation of noise pollution

  Increase of safety through unmanned drones

  Carriers will be able to transport goods.

  Our systems protects the environment

  Lowest use of energy possible

  Great economic useability through reducing amounts of investment

  No crashes through single direction tracks

  Coaches can easily be changed without additional tracks

  IAT‘s double decker maglev is a prestige object!

  Our tracks will be able to accompany some 300,000 m2 of solar cells within every 100 km length.

  Our environmentally friendly approach and the double decker system are both novelties and will add to the existing prestige
  of a functioning maglev system.

  Please do take a look at our video on this webite. Therein, we try to give you an overview of our idea. Travel with us into the future.

  Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.