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Success with IAT-MAGLEV
Innovation opportunity for growth, employment, mobility, environmental protection

A huge task is ahead, which we will solve with our partners, employ people from the countries in our still intact world in decades to come and create and secure jobs in the field of logistics and infrastructure.
With the networks to be created in the political and global economic area, history will be written, as far as investors can identify with the new material.

In addition, the implementation of this "New Transport System" will have far-reaching and worldwide effects on a general reorganisation of our goods and passenger transport.

This means an efficient increase in economic efficiency, especially in the entire logistics and transport system, and at the same time an opportunity for innovation for growth, employment, mobility, environmental protection, etc.

With the intellectual implementation and realisation of the above-mentioned field of activity, you will be faced with further major priorities, possibly also shaping your entire environment.

This is a unique opportunity to set a positive and worldwide signal for the development of future-oriented and new branches of industry with the realisation of this new "IAT traffic technology" and vision.

Have you ever thought about what it would mean for you personally to be able to further develop and install a "double-deck maglev system" together with us? Please also consider the enormous positive effects in your private environment when realizing our system.

The result could be an incredible success with a worldwide recognition for the whole team.
Further effects of security for your family and descendants would be regulated for all future. We will need luck and blessings more than usual on our way.

The very best wishes Your IAT-MAGLEV-TEAM


Our focus near and far, the future of transportation
We have to look ahead

Transrapid further development "IAT-MAGLEV"
Welcome to a revolution the global economic recovery

Transport our future
Milestone in the development phase of a new one Infrastructure Traffic Era
the new double-deck magnetic track technology


Innovative Access Team have further developed Germany‘s Transrapid system.

Undoubtedly, maglev trains have the potential to solve future transportation problems.

Maglev means clean technology at affordable prices, quick transportation solutions and a prestigious undertaking.

The new IAT-maglev saves space, time and energy due to its construction and innovative energy supply system powerd by solar energy.


This site showst IAT‘s new vision of a maglev that has significant advantages over its predecessor. Issues, such as advanced safety, minimisation of noise pollution, the parallel transport of people and goods, lowest usage of energy possible add to a high economically efficiency. Costs shall be kept at the lowest level possible.

Here on our site, you can learn everything about our vision of environmentally friendly transport.



Pioneering development for the Metro system Transrapid


Maglev is a profund innovation for the transportation of the future and has long been established. We took the idea further in order to make everything more efficient and effective, whilst trying to minimise costs.


In addition to the standards of the existing maglev-system, IAT has developed a range of new ideas:

  1. Minimisation of noise pollution

  2. Increase of safety through unmanned drones

  3. Carriers will be able to transport goods.

  4. Our systems protects the environment

  5. Lowest use of energy possible

  6. Great economic useability through reducing amounts of investment

  7. No crashes through single direction tracks

  8. Coaches can easily be changed without additional tracks

  9. IAT‘s double decker maglev is a prestige object!


Our tracks will be able to accompany some 300,000 m2 of solar cells within every 100 km length.

Our environmentally friendly approach and the double decker system are both novelties and will add to the existing prestige of a functioning maglev system.


Please do take a look at our video on this webite. Therein, we try to give you an overview of our idea. Travel with us into the future.


Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. 



Maglev development:

two tracks instead of one

The double magnetic system and the chance to install some 300,000, m2 of solar panels in each 100 km track length enables us to use additional energy sources, making our maglev environmentally friendly and cost-effectively.

Future of a new transport system

Stations are more efficient and cheaper, prettier and waste less energy. Emissions of CO2 and further energy are kept to a minimum. Goods and people will be transported at the same time.

Additional Feature:

Unmanned drones will drive before every regular train. They will not only see that the track is in excellent working condition, but they will also transport goods.



A vision of today - for the future of tomorrow.

This unique design is a novelty of transport technology. The new generation of passenger freight transport and cargo transportation. Other transport networks of road could be significantly relieved.

The IAT maglev is a smart supplement for all existing transport strategies.


Maglev as an alternative

An increasingly growing mobile society demands new and smart solutions. One answer is the IAT maglev development. An intelligent system with a new vision.

Freight traffic by rail will tripple within the next 20 years. This in turn requires a new generation of vehicles and infrastructure sytems, overcoming the limits of pure road transportation.

IAT provides the alternative.